Find Mac 2016

Booking on a whim after listening to a Mac DeMarco record, I took a trip to New York in October/November 2016 in a bid to find the Canadian crooner. While I didn’t succeed in meeting Mac DeMarco I was in the city for the seemingly unpopular and somewhat unexpected election of eccentric billionaire Donald J. Trump, and documented the situation as best I could from my perspective as an outsider passing by.

From top to bottom:

Roaches and records – A night of plans fallen through turns motivation for a trip abroad.

Mac’s moving curveball – Mac throws a spanner in the works.

Why tho. – Why stalk a celebrity?

Dogs and a plane – A Grand Final upset funds a flight to LA.

Liners – AirBnB falls through. Travel anxiety hits.

The three week window – Mac proves hard to find, but there’s plenty on in New York.

Don’t bother – A jetlagged account of Bushwick, Brooklyn in the lead-up to Halloween.

New York: Overwhelmingly not Perth – Cultural difference hit hard.

An Australian take on US Election Day – Election day account – the morning of.

The Hangover Pt. Trump – Trump wins the election: observations by day.

The kick-on – Trump wins the election: observations by night.

Entering the Upside Down – Inside Trump Tower in the election aftermath.

Mac missed, a chapter closed – Calling curtains on a US adventure.