Don’t bother


I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now on the corner Bushwick Avenue and Cornelia Street in Brooklyn feeling as undead as the decorations on every second home in the area.

Jet lag is very real. I’ve not slept properly since 5am Friday morning (Perth time), but that’s a more than fair trade-off all things considered. New York is also very real.

Below are my very tired first impressions of Bushwick:

  • There are so many dogs around and pumpkins with faces carved in. All of the dogs and pumpkins are of varying size and style. A big dog walked past before. I’d say the pumpkins are 98 per cent seasonal.
  • I went for a walk down the Brooklyn Broadway thing beneath the J Line of the Subway, and everything here seems as real as it’s portrayed in the media. It’s pretty diverse culturally from what I can tell, which is pretty neat.
  • I made my first friend while I was eating lunch – his name is Strawberry and he’s a New York Knicks fan. He sang the same three songs when he was in church when he was younger, and proceeded to sing all of these in my general direction. Then he sang that Temptations song My Girl over and over until staff at the restaurant joined in. I wish I’d engaged more conversation and taken a photo of this guy but I was a bit sleepy with it at that point.
  • The coffee here is cheaper but not quite as good as in Perth, but I’m basing that on two experiences so far. There’s also a wasp in the coffee shop but no one seems too concerned. Maybe it’s the house wasp? Maybe it’s a Halloween decoration?
  • There’s some great street art happening. I’ll take some pictures to prove it at some point.

That’s probably about as much as I can write right now. I wanted this post to read as incoherent and scattered as my head feels in this moment, so here it at. Will do better in future hopefully thank you for reading anyway.

Author: Jack

24 years old. Journalist by profession, but my views are mine.

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