Beauty may have killed the beast, but Airbnb killed the travel plans briefly

For the last few weeks I’ve been sleeping lightly, waiting for a post-bedtime email from Mac DeMarco and an invite to extend my US adventure to the west coast.

Last week the phone did go off after midnight. But it wasn’t Mac DeMarco and it wasn’t good news – my New York Airbnb, originally booked in March, had cancelled.

As someone who needs to be extra organised at all times to account for an unavoidable habit of losing personal belongings and stuttering through basic administrative tasks, losing the Airbnb was not a good situation to be in.

It was a sleep depriving bummer which set in motion a brief series of thoughts that ended in my being completely overwhelmed with the whole concept of the trip and everything around it.

Thankfully the thoughts were fleeting, the refund came +10% and the now-booked replacement Airbnb looks far nicer than the original.

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t, but I’m getting a really good vibe from the newly locked in ‘Spacious Bushwick Room A’. The name says it all. It even has a built in wardrobe.

So while the room situation is sorted a little of the hesitation remains. I’m only there three weeks, for some it wouldn’t be a big deal but a few things are honestly weighing on the mind.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend these factors are going to get in the way of a fantastic trip – I’m sure they won’t – nerves are a part of the experience and a human thing which humans tend to do.

The following got me thinking hard:

Travelling solo

It’s not as though I’m going to get through the whole trip without having a conversation (measures in place to avoid this), but there are certain challenges in travelling alone.

How do I get in the photos I take if I’m the one who has to take them? Will someone steal my new camera if I ask them to take one for me? Will I ever be able to prove I was actually there? Does it matter? It probably doesn’t.

Sheer size

It feels kind of like the first day at a new primary school, except instead of 20-25 similarly aged kids wearing weird off-green blazers and scuffed up leather shoes it’s 8.4 million New Yorkers going about their lives.

From previous travels the reality of the situation is a lot like the first day at a new school – the nerves disappear pretty quick and all of a sudden you’re eating bagels and playing handball with the best of them.

For now it’s a little daunting. Working on some mad trick shots so they know I’m legit.

What if it’s not an amazing adventure?

Honestly the Mac stuff feels like a bit of a long shot now but I’m sure I’ll find things to make it so. It was never really about that anyway. Will keep manically checking my sleeves until I find something else up there.

There’s a few more things but I’m backing these to clear in the two weeks before blast off.

PS: The WA state library does free scanning if you’re ever in need.

Author: Jack

24 years old. Journalist by profession, but my views are mine.

2 thoughts on “Liners”

  1. It WILL be a a amazing adventure even when it doesn’t feel like it. One of my favourite memories is when I was in Thailand having an into the wild moment convinced I was going to die. That was it. End of my life. Staring out of the window of a hut at the moon on New Years waiting for death. It reminds me that I was being a drama queen and EVERY THING TURNED OUT FINE EVEN THOUGH I LITERALLY BELEIVED I WAS GOING TO DIE IN THAT MOMENT. You will have a ball even if you don’t know you are having it at the time.

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